Friday, May 6, 2011

I Don't Illustrate for Free

I am writing this entry because too often friends and associates and potential customers interested in my work
want me to do thumbnails,roughs and final work for free. The answer to that is NO I take pride in what I do and
put a lot of work in to developing daily my craft, so it comes to me as an insulate for one to expect me to create
solid illustrations with only a thank you attach. I clearly understand that we are living in some serious economic
times, but I see people spend their money on all types of foolish desires. No one has a problem paying $80 to $125
for a baseball ticket, seeing a guy hit a ball with a piece of wood but you want me to do a commission for $10
I don't think so, please I have bills to pay and a elderly parent to take care of I know I am not the best artist in
the world but I have talent and feel it should be compensated when work is completed and issued. So to all
who are looking for an artist they can take advantage of I am not that artist. However if you respect the work
that you see on my site and on this blog then by all means we can do business.