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Canvas of Words

Good Morning, Canvas Of Words is an annual Art and Poetry Festival that unites distinguished and emerging poets with visual artists to showcase the vitality of the arts in the borough of Queens. Through this collaborative event, several established poets will support, encourage, and perform alongside up and coming writers and inspire original art pieces from visual artists such as Nia Andino, Will Afromationart Jamison and Gerald Mercado. This showcase serves to energize and promote the arts by welcoming a general audience of all ages. Lineup: Poets: Tamara G. Saliva, Nancy Arroyo-Ruffin, Maria Rodriguez, Nivea Castro, Karina Guardiola Lopez, Jenning Medina, Mark Anthony Vigo, Tito Luna and John Chance Acevedo from El Grito de Poetas, Flora Montes, Yoseli Castillo and Peggy Robles Alvarado. Emerging Poets: MonuMentals,Rico Bautista, Luis Graveley, Brianna Saliva and Vanessa Pardo. Music by Dj MNyce Hosted by Wendy Angulo Produced by: Wendy Angulo Productions and Robleswrites. This was my contribution to the show:

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Challenging Times

Peace This post is to let thoses who follow this blog know that I'm here and hard at work on my passion, this past year has become a challenge and I don't know what the future holds for this country and myself. Working towards being a Freelance artist is a challenge in itself. The days and months of diligent practice has for me seen many improvements over the years. Going forward I had many experiences; the most I can take from these experiences is that lessons can be gathered from them that will help make one a better person, at this time I am working as hard as my time and resources will allow me to. Currently in development of a few projects for 2014 new challenges await. To all my fellow creatives continue on your path stay up and keep creating. Peace Afromationart